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A Road Map To Living the Gamers of RA Dream
What Could Be Better Than Making A Living Playing The Games You Love!

Step #1 - Build Out Your Profile

Your profile page is where you can do all of the following things:

  • Tell people what games you play
  • Write a bio about yourself
  • Tell people what platforms you're on
  • Upload an image of yourself
  • Include links to your social media profiles
  • Make a status update

Take pride in your profile page and fill it out the best you can.

Step #2 - Find A Clan To Join

Why go solo when you can join a clan?

Gamers of Ra is much more fun when you're part of a clan. Once you've found a clan you want to join, click on it and on the next page, click "APPLY TO JOIN THIS CLAN".

Step #3 - Get Points

Earn points by discovering and sharing content on our site and climb up the levels while collecting special badges.

No matter where you are on the website, you'll see a box with your profile image in the lower right hand corner. It's the Captain Up widget that shows you how many points you need to earn to get to the next level.

You'll also be able to see the list of all the badges you can earn, the levels you can get to, and how many points other community members have earned.

Step #4 - Get Your Affiliate Code

We are all about devloping our members. Our affiliate program pays you to tell all your friends and followers about Gamers of Ra. Once you have an account with us, go to the Affiliate Dashboard.

On that page, you will see that you have an affiliate ID, an affiliate link, and a way to embed a badge on your website (if you have one). If someone clicks on that badge and joins, the credit will go to you.

Start placing the tracking link everywhere you go or people who follow you. As people join, participate, and buy Gamers of Ra stuff, you make money. How cool is that? Start building your affiliate network.

Step #5 - Go To The Catacombs of Ra For Tips & Tricks

In the Catacombs of Ra, we've got two subcategories - 1) is for videos 2) is for tips.

For videos click here.

For tips, click here.

Step #6 - Have Conversations With Other Gamers In The Temple of Ra

In the Temple of Ra, there is the Support Forum and the Game Forum. Anytime you've got a question about Gamers of Ra, you can use the Support Forum to get your questions answered. In the Game Forum, you can start conversations with other gamers about specific games you're playing.

Click here for the Support Forum.

Click here for the Game Forum.

Step #7 - Go To The Store & Get Deals On Great Gaming Gear

Our store is where you want to get all of your gaming gear.

Step #8 - Go To The Events

Events are a great way to compete, have fun, make new friends, and win all kinds of cool prizes. There are all kinds of events going on that we recommend you participating in. They are:

Step #9 - Find Other Players & Follow Them

We've made it really easy for you to find other players and follow them. If you follow them on their social media profiles, chances are they'll follow you back. What better way to make friends?

Developing Gamer

Everybody has to start somewhere. Our development sponsorships start when you have committed to becoming the best gamer you can be. We demand the best out of our gamers and we reward them for it. Receive free games, gadgets and systems as you become a boss!
Click below to learn more and get started.

Pro Staff

Our Pro Staff is founded on being the best. You have to dominate, prolific, excite and most of all be a complete bad ass! If you think this is you, click on the button below to find out how to become our next Pro Staff member.

Clan Chieftain

Chieftain Status-
Everybody wants to lead; our chieftains are the leaders. They build, grow and recruit the gamers to their clan. They create compitions training programs and help develop their clan into the best set of gamers in the world. The top players in each clan will be invited to the annual Gamers of Ra Championship in Las Vegas, NV to compete for their share of over $100,000. If you think you can be a Chief, click below and apply now.